Belarus visa free

Foreign citizens without opening visa can arrive in the zone of action of the visa-free mode "Brest" on next territory:

- City Brest;

- Brest district;

- Pruzhany district;

- Kamenets district;

- Zhabinka district;

1. Not later, than 48 hours before the planned journey contact with us:

Skype: sputnikbrest

Телефоны:  +375(162) 21 73 87+375(162) 21 73 94+375(162) 21 73 91

All our contactsopen


2.1. Send us the copy (scan) of your passport 

2.2. Specify the dates of the planned visit

2.3. give us a contact information for feed-back

2.4. Pay the chosen tourist services (or complex trip)

3. After fulfillment of conditions of point №2, we register you and give you a confirmative document that must be shown in the checkpoints (on the border)

4. You can enter Belarus through crossing Belarus State Border at the certain checkpoints:

4.1. If you arrive on a train is a checkpoint of railhead of "Brest Central" (Terespol – Brest).

4.2. If you arrive on a car or bus:

 а) Brest (Terespol),

 b) Domachevo (Slawatycze),

 c) Piesczatka (Polowcy).

4.3. If you arrive by air - a checkpoint  airport Brest.

5. Crossing the border you need to have with yourself next documents:

5.1. valid passport or any other substitution document for travel abroad;

5.2. document, granting the right to visit Brest region (it is issued by us and we send it to you on by e-mail);

5.3.  Medical insurance.

5.4. money: when entering Belarus a foreign a visitor should possess not less than 49 Belarusian rubles (about $25) for each day of stay. This sum can be obtained in foreign currency or in the national currency of Belarus

6. Being in the zone of action of the visa-free mode is let on a term from 1 to 10 days.

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